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A Basic Guide to Talking to Girls

Imagine the following scene: it’s a beautiful day, you’re strolling through the park, and you see a gorgeous woman sitting alone on the bench. You can’t keep your eyes off of her. You want to talk to her, perhaps, but you have no idea how to start a conversation. Even if you did, you’re afraid of what might happen if you weren’t able to keep the conversation going. The thought of that single moment of awkwardness prevents you from ever making the first move and is really limiting your life.

The rules of seduction are never easy to follow, because they truly vary from person to person. And it’s one thing to think about what you’re going to say, and completely another thing when you actually have to speak to a girl you like. What should you say? Or, more importantly, what shouldn’t you say?

Fumbling for words when it comes to girls has been an issue among men since, well…forever! It’s not so easy to be yourself and at the same time to be someone who could be appealing to that special girl. If you don’t want to lack the words in a situation like this, here are several pieces of advice that can help you in learning how to talk to girls.

Making Harmless Observations

You can always try talking about the weather if you’re in the park. If not, comment on some other obvious fact. At a party you can say something about the crowd or the atmosphere; if your friends introduced you two over dinner, you can talk about the food, it’s a surefire. The key is to not overthink it.

But keep in mind that you should grab her attention. If you opt for the safe zone, then it’s important that you don’t just make a statement like ‘It’s sunny today’, because you’ll just get a smile. Turn the statement into a question: It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it? She’ll answer, and you can use it as a base for further conversation.

Introducing Yourself

Who would’ve thought that something as simple as ‘Hi’ and a nice handshake can make a difference. After you’ve made eye contact with her, you can simply approach, say hi, and introduce yourself. Most women will tell you their name, so you have nothing to lose.

From this point on, you can say that she has a beautiful name, or that you noticed her and had to meet her immediately. She will feel special and attractive, and that’s exactly what your goal is. Be brave, look confident, and don’t forget a strong handshake and a charming smile.

When She’s with Her Girlfriends

You know the situation: you saw a cute girl, but she’s surrounded by an army of girlfriends who persistently stand in your way. What now? How should you approach without freezing up?

The best way is to casually come to them, and ask for her opinion. Make eye contact with your chosen one, and ask her an unusual question like you’re running some kind of a survey. Here’s what you could ask, and remember to be very courteous:

Excuse me, can I ask you a simple question? What do you think, who lies more in relationships? Men or women? This will intrigue her, and you’ll probably get an answer. The most important thing here is to pick a question about men-women relationships, because all women are quite fond of this subject, and they surely have an opinion.

At Work

You meet a new girl at work; she’s cute, you like her, but have no idea how to break the ice or you’re not even sure if it’s a good idea. Again, don’t overthink the situation. All you need to do is strike up a casual conversation. No pressure. Just get your feet in the door to let her know that you’re a decent, funny guy who she feels comfortable talking to.

The good thing is that you two already have something in common – your job. Try asking her for help with something. It could be anything like does she have an extra paperclip? You just want to get some kind of answer and dialogue going. Then you can move and transition into another, more interesting topic, whatever that may be.

Pick Up Lines That Will Make Her Laugh

Now, this is for the bravest of you guys out there. It’s a bit risky, but definitely worth trying! You need to put all the sense of humor and all the cuteness you have into this one. This method can be used anywhere, anytime.

Internet is full of cheesy pick up lines like ‘Well, here I am. What are your other two wishes?’, or ‘Aside from being sexy, what do you do for a living?’ And when a girl hears something like this, she’ll usually burst into laughter. Actually, let’s be honest here, you’ll probably both burst into laughter.

This will lower the tension, and the rest of the conversation can simply flow out of you. You can say that she has a beautiful smile, you can ask what her name is, you can even apologize for your foolish behavior but you just had to say something to her… It will come naturally to you. Just be careful with your words or you’ll be an ex boyfriend before too long.

Ask For a Recommendation

Whether you’re at the library, at the supermarket, or even in the street, you can ask a girl to recommend something to you. A good book, best cereal for breakfast, nice café or a club, anything that comes to your mind. Use your surroundings cleverly.

If she recommends a great place for coffee, then go a step further and ask her to join you. A conversation about a book can be expanded to movies, and what’s amazing about this kind of approach is that you can always end up doing something together. Be relaxed, nice, not too pushy, and enjoy the results.

Non-Verbal Communication

Let’s not forget the non-verbal part, which is important relationship advice as well. The quality you need to possess if you want to talk to a girl successfully is – confidence. Try not to look nervous, because every woman will fall for a bold, confident man who’s fearless, positive and self-assured.

Therefore, use eye contact, facial expressions, watch your posture, the tone of your voice, etc. Give her a visible cue that you’re interested. Women react positively when they feel confidence in a man, and it’s really hard not to notice a man who knows what he’s doing.

Finally, one extra tip that is crucial for your success: if you want to start talking to a girl, then do it right away. Don’t wait, don’t procrastinate, because the moment will pass and nothing will be done. Go for it before it’s too late. Good luck!

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