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How to Pick Up Girls Anywhere at Anytime

Women might sometimes seem a mystery to us men. Understanding girls is more of a challenge than any other thing we might try to accomplish in life. However, it seems that for some lucky guys picking up girls is much easier than for others. Why is that? Why do some men seem to have found the secret to talking to women?

Truth be told, these men are not better looking than the rest, richer or smarter. However, they have a unique blend of two personality traits that women simply can’t resist: confidence and persistence. You see, women love to be pursued, and love to know that the men who fight to get them are confident in themselves.

Is Talking to Women So Difficult?

Even if it might seem quite a daunting task in the beginning, you will soon notice that talking to women is a pleasure. In fact, if it comes naturally, women will definitely start responding. Below you can find some of the most powerful methods on how to pick up chicks and you will discover how to become a true Don Juan.

1. Get Closer

Let’s say you see a beautiful girl at a party or at a charitable event. Now every situation is different, but the ground rules remain. You might meet a new girl at the smoking area, at a house party, a corporate party or a birthday party. In order to make your approach to be a success, it is imperative that you make preliminary eye contact from a safe distance.

Making eye contact means more than just staring at her. Look at her gently and try to determine if she looks back. If she holds your gaze for a few seconds or even smiles, that’s your free ticket to go out there and talk to her. The good news is that you still have chances to conquer her, even though she avoids your look. Some women are experts in keeping men out of their lives.

Naturally, a woman who is looking around at the men in the room will probably be more receptive than one who is only spending time with her friends. But if you see a beautiful lady and you are confident in yourself and are ready to stay persistent, the odds are in your favor.

2. Stay Focused

Now that you’ve established a connection from afar, it is important to stay focused. Going out there to talk to her and also being interested in her friends is a huge mistake. Trying to hit two or more women at the same time will result in failure. In order to pick up a beautiful girl, you need to make her feel special and unique.

Of course, this does not mean you should avoid talking to her friends. You should socialize with everybody, because that will make you look smart and will help you to grow in her eyes. In case you are attracted to more women, stick with one. That’s the surest way to end up with a date.

3. Make her Fall in Love with you

This is where the show begins. You now need to work your charm and try to make her feel like she’s the hottest woman alive. Even though you have never done that before, do not worry. You will get more and more experienced with time.

Best of all, most women are forgiving, and they will not turn away from guys who make mistakes. On the contrary, the girl you like will start to fall for you if she sees you are genuinely interested in her.

Usually, women choose to date those guys who make them feel truly special. If you talk to her as she is really precious and you look at her as she is the most valuable thing on our planet, she will definitely want to spend more time with you and see you over and over again.

However, there is one exception to this rule. If the girl you like has a big ego, you should probably skip this step and look at the next one.

4. Talk Naturally

One of the most important aspects of talking to a girl you’ve just met involves talking to a girl naturally, without using clichés. Never use clichés, because that could spell disaster. If that girl was approached by several other men that night who used the same “cliché technique”, she will reject you instantly. Conversely, if you talk naturally and you seem genuinely interested in her, she will open up to you like a flower.

Ambience is also important here, so you should use the right type of tone that complements the environment. For instance, it is okay to talk louder or even yell in a club. Don’t do that at a conference or at the supermarket.

5. Be Ready for Rejection

Picking up girls is definitely not your everyday task. That’s why you should not expect things to go smooth every single time. In fact, be ready for rejection. Women are volatile, and you can’t know what to expect from them.

There are so many variables in the equation that it’s sometimes quite hard to determine if the girl you like has the same feelings towards you. If you notice that she feels uncomfortable around you or you see that her eyes are wandering around the room, you might probably call it quits.

On the other hand, she might just look bored in order to test you and see if you are truly interested in her. In this case, you can leave her your number and see if she calls you back. You mustn’t look desperate for her. Instead, show her that her decision is also important and that you give credit to what she believes.

The Bottom Line

Talking to women is definitely an adventure, one that you are unable to determine its outcome. Remember, even the most skillful of men get rejected from time to time. However, their success lies in their persuasion and in their high self-confidence, which enables them to keep approaching women despite constant rejection.

Learn from them and do not let yourself discouraged. Go out there and talk to as many women as possible and you will get increasingly better at picking up girls. And be sure to watch the following video that reveals EXACTLY what to do, step-by-step.

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