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How To Talk To Women – Learn to Be Confident

Let’s face it, all guys have wondered at some point if there is a single trick that could be employed to get women clamoring for them. As much as women would like to scoff at this and flick their hair dramatically saying something along the lines of “not in your wildest dreams”, one trick actually comes close to replicating the pied piper’s effect on women: money. Since not many of us are endowed with vast amounts of wealth specifically designated for luring the fairer sex to our lairs, it compels us to seek cheap methods to woo them.

The art of courting cannot be simplified into one or two pages of sure-fire techniques that have been proven to work. Unfortunately, men being the persistent beings that they are, they haven’t let this deter them from trying, often with disastrous results. It just goes to show that there are a lot of things we think we are doing right, which are in fact completely narrowing our chances of having a shot at creating a good impression.

With this in mind, the need to have a guideline to enable men to know what is allowed and what is not when it comes to courtship is felt. Granted it might not be a complete guarantee that these methods will not end in the same catastrophic failure, in the list you will know why you have never gotten past the first date. That is, if you made it that far.

1. First impression

As unfair as it might sound, first impressions are usually formed within the first seven seconds of meeting someone. From the moment you say hi, an invisible timer begins where you have to present the best version of yourself to the girl you have approached. Never use a corny pick up line unless you absolutely have to (I can’t picture a situation where this is absolutely necessary though). You stand a better chance if you simply start with a polite greeting and introduction than with a thinly veiled sexual innuendo.

2. Look presentable.

It seems obvious but this cannot be emphasized enough. As much as some of these meetings happen per chance and you’re not really prepared for them, always try to look as presentable as your current situation will allow you. Shoes are the first thing our minds subconsciously notice about other people. I’m sure you don’t want your chances ruined by the catastrophe of an outfit you had decided to put together for some reason.

3. Be confident, not cocky.

Confidence is seeing a girl across the room, meeting her gaze and walking right up to her with a smile that says “I am grabbing your attention.” Being cocky is walking right up to a girl and without even asking if you could have a minute of her time, and starting a conversation, regardless of whether she wants to participate or not. This is the equivalent holding someone conversationally hostage and technically, this makes you a conversational terrorist. Not a good first impression, I can guarantee you that.

4. Get to the point.

In a few bizarre cases, you would find a guy trapped in thirty minutes worth of confusion and spun tales just to keep the attention of the pretty girl he has been eyeing for the past hour. This is a wrong move. Be a straight shooter. Always good dating advice for men. This does not necessarily mean you should spill all your intentions within the first five minutes (because chances are she will feel kind of freaked out) but at least don’t go talking about the weather in your hometown for fifteen straight minutes.

5. Listen.

Before you let out that exasperated sigh, you should know that girls are very keen during the first thirty or so minutes of meeting them. You might not realize it but your listening skills will be put to the test. Incorporate things she has just told you into your conversation and see how easy everything will be for you.

6. Chivalry is not dead.

In the case of a first date being the first encounter, this will be your chance to sell your courteous side. Hold those doors open, pull chairs for her, be the perfect gentleman but do not expect immediate compensation for your actions. Do not rush her while she talks; act like you’re listening even if you’ve only heard one word in the past thirty minutes. Take it slow.

7. Curb those wandering eyes.

There is nothing that will send your chances plummeting faster than an aircraft with engine failure like being caught checking someone else out while talking to the girl. Obviously, this will not sit right with her given that she has already noticed that you do not look like the type to be faithful and that is a huge red mark on your progress.

8. Do not make it all about you or her.

This is a scenario we have seen too often where you don’t know how to balance the conversation to engage both of you and create healthy conversation. Refrain from talking about yourself too much as this will make her conclude that you are a narcissist. Also refrain from talking too much about her because she will feel like you’re trying too hard and that is a real turn off for the ladies.

9. Take that “no” like a man.

Last but most definitely not least, you should learn to take rejection with grace and bow out like a man. Do not be desperate and beg because this has yet to produce a positive response in the history of dating. Also, do not be rude and disrespectful, this is a sign of weakness and immaturity and any chances you had will certainly have gone down the drain with any crude display of arrogance. Just bow out and move to the next like the man you are.

When it comes to women, the idea of being yourself will get you further than you might expect. Therefore, regardless of the type of man you are, try the above mentioned tricks of how to talk to women and you will definitely succeed in getting that type of girl you dream of. Good luck!

If you want real, sound, and professional advice about learning EXACTLY what to say to women and when to say it to land the girl of your dreams, I highly suggest you watch the next video. Without giving too much away, I’ll just let you see for yourself, but, I will say it works and it works incredibly well.

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